Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen

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  • Deadlines and dates

    You can find more information on our funding here.

    All upcoming dates can also be found in the Newsletter October.

  • Events

    GSGG day
    This year's GSGG day will take place on the 2nd of November. It will be opened by the Humanities Insights. In addition, the award winners of this year's Christian-Gottlob-Heyne Prize will be honoured. Further information can be found on the following website:

    Upcoming Workshops

    Schreibwerkstatt kompakt (19./26. October; in cooperation with GFA)

    You can find our course programme for 2023 in the Qualification portal for doctoral candidates.

  • Travels financially supported by us

    On August 30th, 2023 Frau Agüero Bustamante visited the 33rd ASELE Congress in Burgos, Spain. There she presented a part of her research about Interactional Competence. ASELE is a federation that supports the spanish language for non-native speakers.