Clarissa E. Weber and co-authors publish new study in Organization Science (VHB-Jourqual: A+)

Mobilizing financial resources is a key challenge for entrepreneurs. When and why do entrepreneurs change their product offering during this critical phase? In a recent study, Clarissa E. Weber and co-authors examine this question. The study shows that the decision is influenced by three sources of information: the distance to the funding goal, the performance of peer entrepreneurs in raising funds and the time remaining to raise the required financial resources.

Organization Science is one of the world's leading journals for organization and management research. It is ranked "A+" in the VHB-Jourqual ranking and listed in the Financial Times 50 ranking.

The article is available under the following link (open access):
(No) Time for Change: When and Why Entrepreneurs Act During Underperforming Fundraising Attempts