Experiences of migrants, refugees and racialized groups with GP care in Göttingen

Survey of the CeMig reserach group "Public Health und Migration"

We are a small team of researchers and are interested in the hurdles and problems that people with a history of flight and migration face in accessing the German health care system. We would like to understand better the challenges you face and would be very grateful if you share your experiences with us. The focus of this study is on your experiences during your visits to the GP surgeries in Göttingen. The questions are general; you only have to give your personal information where you like. The survey is anonymous and the information will only be accessible to the project team. The survey is being conducted by the research group “Public Health and Migration from a Global and Interdisciplinary Perspective” at the Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig) at the University of Göttingen. The interdisciplinary research group investigates how the “protection of life” and the “right to health” are defined and implemented for migrants and post-colonial minorities.
This study is about:

  • Health policy and its intersection with migration and integration policies in Germany.
  • Determining access to the health care system for people with a history of flight and migration.
  • Experiences of discrimination by people with a history of flight and migration in the context of health care in Göttingen.

If you have any questions about the online survey and the research, please contact us (reza.bayat@uni-goettingen.de).
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