MA Intercultural German Studies Germany-China (with Double Degree)

INTERKULTUR-Homepage (Official Homepage)

The international course of studies envisages that studies will be divided equally between Goettingen and one of the two Chinese partner tertiary education institutions. The focus of studies is the interculturally based and interdisciplinary directed transmission of theoretical and practical knowledge and competence in specific areas, in order to qualify its graduates, acting as cultural intermediaries, for the international, but above all, German-Chinese employment market. The program prepares its students for a range of activities in the area of German-Chinese cultural contact. This includes internationally active cultural, scientific and educational institutions, as well as political organisations and foundations, and business enterprises. The acquisition of advanced academic knowledge and the capability for independent academic work both in both specific subject areas and in an interdisciplinary context are equally important.
Through the occupationally-relevant transmission of specific subject-area knowledge and methodological-analytic skills, the theory and practice-oriented program qualifies its students for these areas of activity and establishes the academic foundations for further study in PhD courses. The demands and experience of acquiring knowledge and of learning at the respective partner universities, as well as the fact that German and Chinese students study together throughout the course, are intended to encourage in particular the intercultural competence and cultural expertise of the students with regard to Germany and China.