Professor Dr. Andreas Pack

Research fields and current projects

  • Origin of the Earth-Moon system
  • Reconstruction of the ocean temperatures in the Archean and Proterozoic
  • Triple oxygen isotope variations in terrestrial materials
  • Understanding of processes and their chronology in the early Solar system (DFG-projects PA909/2-1, PA909/2-1 [DFG Emmy-Noether-Research Group], PA-909/7-1, PA-909/8-1)
  • Determination of paleo-CO2 concentrations and global bioproduction rates throughout the Mesozoic and Cenozoic by means of triple oxygen isotope analyses of fossil bioapatite (DFG-project PA909/5-1)
  • Thermodynamics of Si in metal solid solutions with application to the formation mechanisms of planetary cores
  • Characterization of the oxygen triple isotope composition (δ17O, δ18O) of atmospheric CO2 and its sources - methodological development and application (DFG-project PA909/4-1)
  • Determination of the isotope composition of stratospheric atomic oxygen using micrometeorites (shooting stars, DFG-projects PA909/2-1 und PA909/2-2, DFG Emmy-Noether-Research Group)
  • Investigation of the origin of non-metallic inclusions in continuously cast steel (third party funding, steel industry)
  • Sponges as proxy for the Si isotope composition of ocean water – analysis of δ29Si and δ30Si by means of laser fluorination
  • Development and application of aerodynamic levitation in geo- and cosmochemisty (DFG-projects PA909/2-1, PA909/2-2, PA909/7-1, PA909/8-1)