Isotope Geology Division

Scientists and students in the Isotope Division investigate the fundamental processes starting from the formation of the Solar System to the evolution of planet Earth.

Sampling of tropospheric CO2
HarzThat's also isotope geology. In order to reconstruct the origin of atmospheric CO2, we take air samples of the 1141 m high Brocken mountain. We hope to get CO2 that is free of influence from the local biosphere. In Göttingen we have built up one of a few laboratories world wide that analyze the rare isotope 17O. The abundance of this isotope gives us unique information regarding the origin of CO2. The project is financially supported by the German Science Foundation.

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SmartphoneYou can subscribe to selected lectures and follow the course online. An example is the course "Scientific writing" (Prof. Andreas Pack). You have to log on at Stud.IP and follow the link to the lecture.