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Some reports from research projects are also available as "online texts".

Expectations from employers towards graduate students of the social sciences faculty

Since october 2001 a Research-Project which is being run by the deanary of the Faculty für Social Sciences and the Institut for Regional Research, is evaluating the expectations of employers towards graduate students of the Faculty for Social Sciences. The main question is how the Social Scienes at the University of Göttingen Need to be developed in order to improve the step towards employment after University (see Startseite des Forschungsprojekts).

With empirical Research die Project aims to identity concrete and potential possibilities of employment in the local market of labour. For this the goal is to evaluate and name the essential requirements if qualification.

Extended coverage of labour market developments

For more than four years, the Institute for Regional Research reports in its labor market chronicle of developments in the growing field of atypical and precarious, poorly paid employment. The current information service of a chronological sequence of references to press reports, studies and expertise has now been extended.

In the newly established right column labour market information is now differentiated by subject areas. Specific information packages thus cover various forms of atypical employment: part-time work, temporary employment, “Minijobs”, temporary and contract work. Targeted research is also possible on the themes low-wage sector and minimum wages.