Beside the realisation of various research projects it belongs to the spectrum of the IfR on the basis of contracts for work with different principals to create expert's reports and expertises, the arrangement of workshops as well as the collaboration on regional politics networks and national thematic working groups. In addition, the IfR also works within the scope of the network attendance. For example, the events of the „Konsolidierungs- und Sanierungsnetzwerkes Ostdeutschland" (consolidation and redevelopment network of Eastern Germany) were organised in cooperation with the WSI (Duesseldorf). Besides the IfR attends the regional development of southern Lower Saxony, e.g. by different surveys and the assistance in the regional developing concept.

Several long-experienced active employees of the institute are skilled in process accompanying, presenting and conent-analytic regards because of the realisation of several different evaluation projects. For the Institut für Regionalforschung e.V. they have academically accompanied or evaluated the following publicly promoted projects since 1996:

  • a) Evaluation of the ESF funded ADAPT project "Tuch-Thueringen" of the educational provider Arbeit und Leben e.V. Bezirk Sued. The evaluation judged the effectiveness of the project with the help of the claim and utilisation of different qualification attempts by the target group and aimed with it the capture of acceptance and effects of the concluded measures.
  • b) Process attendance and presentation of the internal evaluation of the project „Instruments and Effects – development of finance instruments to stabilisate and professionalize the organisation of the third system“. This project became funded within the scope of the ESF article 6 ’innovative measures’ for 2 years and was aimed at the development of an alternative financing model at municipal level for the facilities of the third sector. Responsable for this project was the Beschäftigungsfoerderung Goettingen, other partners were the conceptual active association zoom e.V. and the provider of further training measures BuPnet GmbH.
  • c) Development of evaluation criteria by an employee of the IfR during his activity for the information and coordination office of the trade unions and chambers of craft (EURINKO) in Saxony-Anhalt. The evaluation criteria were developed in the context of the fair participation at regional level for the representatives of the craft and the trade unions.
  • d) Programme evaluation in the form of a short survey for the OBS (Berlin) to the analysis and assessment of the redevelopment and consolidation politics of federal states in Eastern Germany.
  • e) Process attendance and analysis of the interlinking efforts and cooperations during the two-year project „50plus – experience counts!“ of the Optionskommune Landkreis Göttingen, which analyzed job market chances of persons from 50 years up within the scope of the national programme „Perspective 50plus" (see also Online texts).

  • Statistical evaluations
    e.g., concerning childrencare demand
    e.g., statements to regional planning programmes (lately to the concept of the regional planning programme of Thuringia) or special expert's reports, e.g., to the situation of certain branches or to the situation and legal capacity in regions, lately to the question „The South of Lower Saxony - competence region or problem region?“