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The application for admission for a summer semester must be submitted in hardcopy to the Office of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences by 15th of March. The application for admission for a winter semester must be submitted in in hardcopy to the Office of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences by 15th of September. The application for admission includes a declaration on whether the applicant has so far successfully passed, definitively failed or discontinued a doctoral study programme or a doctoral procedure, as well as a data protection declaration.

The following documents should be attached to the form for application of admission (§ 4, Admission Rules and Regulations (Ordnung über besondere Zugangsvoraussetzungen für den Promotionsstudiengang Sozialwissenschaften (PDF in German)):

a) Certified copies of certificates of study and transcripts (for documents that are not written in German or English, a certified translation must be attached, either in German or in English) in order to prove that the qualifications are fulfilled.

b) A CV written in German or English containing information on the applicant’s date and place of birth, nationality, and university education.

c) The confirmation by the supervisor that he or she is going to supervise the doctoral thesis (“confirmation of supervision”). Most potential supervisors will ask for a brief written proposal of the planned doctoral thesis to decide about supervision. Contact your potential supervisor early enough to get further information.

d) An exposé describing the subject, the problem, the research objective, and the methodological approach, as well as a timetable; if no exposé is available at the time of application, the confirmation of supervision (including a provisional thesis title) must indicate that the first supervisor agrees to this being submitted within 6 months of admission.)

e) A positive assessment of the exposé issued by the supervisor (can be submitted later together with the exposé, if necessary, see above).

f) Proof of German or English language proficiency.

All required application documents please have to be handed in in hardcopy by post or face-to-face after prior arrangement:

Martin Ertelt
Office of the Dean of Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
Georg-August-University Göttingen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3 (Room 1.112, Oeconomicum)
37073 Göttingen

After receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. The Graduate Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences will decide whether you can be admitted (if necessary under conditions) promptly after the application deadline. A decision will be submitted by post. IMPORTANT: If your contact details change in the course of the application procedure or after enrolment, please inform the Office of the Dean of Studies immediately.


Martin Ertelt

Office: Oec 1.112
(appointment upon consultation)

Annegret Schallmann

Office: Oec 1.116