Outgoing Studierende: Hinweise zur Bewerbung um einen ERASMUS+ Austauschplatz


1. Internal application Department of Musicology Göttingen

  • Get in touch with the ERASMUS departmental coordinator of musicology as early as possible (January at the latest)
  • Gather information on our partner universities, their curricula and required language skills
  • Language level requirements for application as prescribed by the university of Göttingen are: English, French and Spanish B1 (the latter two must be certified for until 1 month before the start of the mobility), all other languages A2. Accepted certificates of languages skills: Certificates from ZESS, TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate, A-levels (see details in the document "ERASMUS admission criteria musicology").
  • Read the information on application procedure on the International's Office ERASMUS+-portal for outgoing students. Use the guideline and checklist for outgoing students on the dokumentents' server during application and mobility process.
  • Complete admission criteria are listed in the document "ERASMUS admission criteria musicology". Hand in your application with the musicological ERASMUS coordinator using the application form. Send it via Email by the deadline of 31th of January. It's possible to name 3 preferred destinations of exchange with priorities. Also attach to the application:
    -A transcript of your completed study examinations from FlexStat (For students in the first semester: A-levels certificate)
    -language skill certificate
    -enrollment certificate for the current semester

  • Should the number of applicants exceed the available places on an exchange agreement, an assessment and ranking will take place according to our criteria of admission.

2. Nomination of students at Göttingen International Office (university-wide)

  • As soon as your application has been accepted by the Department of Musicology, you will be nominated according to procedures of Göttingen International Office. The ERASMUS departmental coordinator will assist in the process.
  • It is important that applicants complete the online nomination by the 1st of April and hand in the filled in and signed document with the departmental coordinator, who will hand the document in at Göttingen International Office until the deadline of 30th of April. Applicants who miss this deadline will not receive an ERASMUS grant!
  • Should a student be nominated later than the 30th of April (and before the relevant deadline of the partner university), they can receive a zero-grant-placement. The student will not receive a monthly grant, but all other ERASMUS services and be exempt from tuition fees as usual. However, it is only possible to obtain a placement with monthly grant vacated by another student renouncing his application, if the applicant had applied within deadline (31th of January) but had been rejected due to lack of place.
  • Possible situation of central draw about allocation of grants: Should the university be allocated insufficient funds from DAAD/EU to provide all outgoing students with grants, a central draw among all applicants will be necessary to allocate the grants. By the draw applicants can be excluded from receiving a grant, they will have to undertake their exchange as zero-grant-placements.

3. Application at the partner university

  • The departmental coordinator nominates the outgoing students at the partner universities
  • Students apply at partner universities according to their procedures and requirements

Overview: Application deadlines for ERASMUS exchange in the academic year 2019/20

Application deadline for students of musicology for an ERASMUS exchange place (faculty-wide deadline)

Nomination deadline: Hand in printed and signed nomination form (here, to be filled in by student) to the departmental coordinator (deadline of the Department of musicology)

Nomination deadline: Departmental ccordinator hands in nomation forms at Göttingen International Office (university-wide deadline)

Application deadlines at partner universities:

  • Tallinn, Estonia: 30.04.2019 (for academic year 2019/20)
  • Turku, Finland: 31.05.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    1.11.2019 (for summer term 2020)
  • Arta, Greece: 20.06.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    20.11.2019 (for summer term 2020)
  • Thessaloniki, Greece: 30.06.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    30.11.2019 (for summer term 2020)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: 01.05.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    15.10.2019 (for summer term 2020)
  • Lisboa, Portugal: 30.06.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    30.11.2019 (for summer term 2020)
  • [CURRENTLY INACTIVE: Izmir, Turkey: 15.06.2019 (for winter term 2019/20)
    15.12.2019 (for summer term 2020)]