Placement Tests (Foreign Languages)

Language Familiarity / Course Completion

  • Students with no prior knowledge: register for the beginner's course (FlexNow)
  • Students who have passed a language course at ZESS: register for the next level (FlexNow)
  • Students who are familiar with the language but have not yet taken a course at ZESS: take a placement test
  • Registration for Russian!
    If Russian is your mother tongue but you are unable to read and write in Russian, please do NOT register for the beginner's course. Instead, do approach the supervisor for Russian, either directly or in writing: Dr. Birgit Neuroth-Hartmann

Dates for the Placement Tests
Placement tests can be taken twice a year, as long as it falls within the following periods:

  • Mo., 17th May 2021 - Fr., 29th October 2021
  • For winter semester 2021/2022
    highly recommended till Tuesday 12th October 2021.
  • It is NOT possible to take a placement test outside of the above-stated period

Further information:

  • Students may take only one test per language within a certain period.
  • The tests shall be evaluated between each period
  • Each test taken is valid - and remains valid
  • Your placement test results are a prerequisite for your language course registration
  • For summer semester 2021
    highly recommended till Tuesday 30th March 2021.

Take note that upon concluding the initial assignment of places, ZESS only hands out places that are still available. Thus, if you choose to take a placement test after the assignment has begun, you are probably unlikely to receive a place.

Times for the Placement Tests
Please refer to the German version for detailed information. Registration needed.

Students who have already taken a language course at ZESS are exempted from taking a placement test in that particular language. An exception to this rule is students who have significantly been able to improve their language proficiency, e.g. through an overseas stay or due to a language course at another university. In such cases, or if you feel strongly about sitting for a particular placement test, please get in touch with the respective supervisor at ZESS.

  • Students are only allowed to take one placement test per language within a single period. Tests taken more than once shall not be considered.
  • If you've taken the test twice, once within each period, only the results of the test taken last shall be taken into consideration.
  • Neither result slips, acknowledgements nor certificates shall be issued upon the completion of a placement test.
  • No credits are given for taking a placement test.

Display of results: FlexNow

  • Your language skill level shall be displayed on FlexNow.
  • Register for the language course that is one level higher than your current skill level.
    Example: if your placement test results are displayed on FlexNow as
    "Intermediate I", you should register for the course Intermediate II.