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Applied Data Science (B.Sc.)

Subject: Applied Data Science (B.Sc.)
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard duration of study: 6 semesters
Start: Winter semester
Extramural studies possible


  • 1st subject semester: limited admission (application to the University)
  • 2nd to 6th subject semester: limited admission (application to the University)
  • International applicants (non-EU): limited admission (application to International Student Services)

What is Applied Data Science?
The field of data science includes aspects of mathematics, computer science and statistics. Data science deals with data analysis and the knowledge gained from data, as well as the techniques required for processing large and partially unstructured data volume. In the Bachelor’s degree programme “Applied Data Science", detailed knowledge of data analysis is taught on the basis of computer science and mathematics. In an application subject, students are also introduced to the practical application of the data analysis methods they have learned. The data analysis courses include aspects of machine learning, statistics, pattern recognition and the infrastructures required for effective analyses. Students may choose economics, biology, digital humanities, medical computer science or breeding informatics as application subjects.

Why study in Göttingen?
In Göttingen, we set a high value on close connection with the application subject. Moreover, the courses in mathematics, computer science and statistics in Göttingen provide ideal conditions for a multi-disciplinary degree programme such as data science.

Who is suitable?
Anyone choosing Applied Data Science as their study subject should be interested in formal mathematics as well as application-related practical work. The ability to work in a team is a vital prerequisite for daily professional work later on. English language skills are required. Special subject-related knowledge, especially in programming, is not required.

Structure of the degree programme
In the Bachelor’s degree programme, basic knowledge in mathematics, statistics and computer science, including programming, is taught first. On this basis, the students’ knowledge is subsequently expanded with the electives in “Data Science” (e.g. machine learning or infrastructures for big data) and the “application subject”. In additional internships, we expand the knowledge further by practical, in-depth coverage of specific topics.

Occupational fields
Data scientists are currently sought after in virtually all subject areas, in research as well as in industry and commerce. Potential employers can be found especially in marketing, banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, the IT sector, business consultancies, public research institutes or corporate R&D departments, the pharmaceutical sector (clinical studies), in public health organisations and at universities. Thanks to the close involvement of this degree programme with the areas of application directly at the University, potential employment opportunities exist especially in research departments engaged in data-driven research in the areas mentioned above. In Germany, there is currently a shortage of specialist staff in all of these areas.