Bettina Roß

Dr. Bettina Roß works as Executive Director at the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences.

She offers counselling on a variety of topics, e.g. non-subject related questions on the prerequisites and perspectives of doing a doctoral degree, as well as questions on the course of PhD-studies and even crises during PhD-studies in the field of Social Sciences. We apologize that this counseling offer is not available at the moment.
Furthermore, she gives assistance with the preparation and realization of PhD-programs, such as course programs and in the field of improved supervision for PhD-students.

Bettina Roß had finished an one-year qualification about "Various Dimensions of Consultance, especially Coaching for PhDs", and a half-year supersivion about women in charge. In addition she visited trainings e.g. about "Options of Conflict-Management for Leaders" and "Good Scientific Practice", Diversity in consulting and within graduate centres as well as IP-Management and Controlling with SAP.

Prior to her position at the GGG, she worked in various research projects: Amongst others, she worked at the DFG-core area "Professionalizing and Gender", as Scientific Coordinator at the Research Training Group "Gender Relations in the Area of Conflict between Work, Policy and Culture" of the Hans Böckler Foundation and Marbug University, and as Project Developer in the area of (electronic) project and science management in Göttingen.

Thematically, she deals mainly with political theory and gender studies and conducts research in the area of "Ethnicization and Genderization in the Alteration of the International Division of Labour".

Career progression (pdf, only in German)
List of publications (pdf, only in German)