Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

To strengthen the ENLIGHT network, currently only the option to apply for Erasmus+ funding for coordination or participation of a BIP within the network is offered. Applications for coordination are submitted annually and for participation (outgoing short term mobility) at least once a year, possibly once per semester if funds are available.

  • Three Erasmus+ partner universities from Programme Countries, but four are recommended
  • At least 15 mobile learners
  • Physical mobility can take place in Germany or in one of the participating programme countries
  • No time limit regarding the duration of the virtual phase (before or after mobility); the physical phase lasts at least 5 and max. 30 days.
  • Minimum 3 credits must be awarded
  • The sending university is responsible for the (Erasmus+) funding of the participants of the partner universities

The International office Göttingen provides support and advice in administration (homepage, mobility portal, report-relevant documentation) and in financial management. The coordinating project management is responsible for the organisational and content-related implementation, as well as study-relevant documentation of the BIP.

Between €6,000 and €8,000 can be raised for the coordination of a BIP.

  • €6.000 = min.15 mobile learners x €400 OS
  • €8.000 = max. 20 mobile learners x €400 OS

10% of the funding amount is used centrally for administration. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the BIP coordination is not eligible. More than 20 mobile learners will not be considered for funding. The funding can be used for expenses such as:

  • General administration of the BIP
  • Hospitality (on a pro rata basis and in compliance with the university's hospitality policy)
  • Implementation of excursion
  • Personnel costs (e.g. student assistants)
  • Preparatory visits
  • Public relations
  • Room rental
  • Teaching materials and printing costs
  • Translations

BIP-OS may not be used to fund BIP mobilities or to top-up an individual support.

If your application for funding is approved, you will be informed by your contact person at the Göttingen International Department.

  • The selection of incoming mobilities takes place at the sending institution.
  • The funding of incoming mobility is the responsibility of the sending institution.
  • Incoming students register via the mobility portal.
  • The project coordinator signs the Learning Agreement.
  • It is planned to enrol the incoming students (in clarification).
  • The project coordination provides a welcome letter with sufficient information about the journey, accommodation options as well as explanations on the organisation of the physical mobility.
  • The student's stay is to be confirmed at the end.
  • BIP takes place at an Erasmus+ partner university in a Programme Country
  • Erasmus+ contract; involvement of Göttingen International Department (agreement and signing); within the ENLIGHT network there is already a multilateral agreement incl. the agreement of short-term mobilities.
  • Selected students are regularly enrolled at the University of Göttingen (short term mobility study, physical mobility min. 5 days and max. 30 days)
  • At least 3 ECTS are agreed in the Learning Agreement; curricular integration
  • Participating teachers need to have a contractual relationship with the University of Göttingen (teaching mobility).

The Göttingen International Department supports and advises on administration (homepage, mobility portal, report-relevant documentation) and pays out the mobility grant to Göttingen participants. The sending institution (faculty/subject) is responsible for the selection of the mobile participants, the professional advice and the recognition.

As the sending institution, you ensure that students are selected for a BIP short-term mobility according to central criteria in a transparent procedure. After the selection, you nominate the students according to the specifications of the receiving institution (BIP coordination). You assist with the issuing of the Learning Agreement and clarify questions regarding recognition (minimum requirement 3 credits). You inform the students about the further nomination procedure at the sending institution.

Answers to the most important questions for outgoing students can be found at here.

Further information on teaching mobility can be found here.


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