Child care services at the University of Göttingen

Daycare places in kindergartens

The University of Göttingen arranges daycare places for its employees (students are exempt) in the Kita am Nordcampus as well as in the Kinderbewegungshaus des ASC. Both institutions are bilingual (German-English). Interested parents can register through the application portal for daycare places (Bewerbungsportal für Belegplätze/application portal (German Edition)). Please register additionally to the central childcare portal provided by the city of Göttingen (Kitaportal der Stadt Göttingen).
UMG employees are requested to contact the referent for compatibility of studies, careers, and family commitments.

The Emergency child care offers child care free of charge in emergency situations for parents who are deemed (occupationally) indispensable by the university. The provision of qualified day care personnel takes place at short notice through the Child Day Care Agency (Kindertagespflegebörse). Those authorised to apply are members and associates of the university. Please contact the Child Day Care Agency in advance.

The University of Göttingen offers subsidies on request for the cost of child care resulting from business trips or conference trips or due to participation in training and qualification courses. Those authorised to apply are members and associates of the university. Students are excluded from applying for this service.

The Family Service offers advice and support to institutes, central facilities and other institutions of the Georg August University for the organisation of child care during events arranged by the university and can grant subsidies on request for the costs of the child care provided during events organised by the university at the location in Göttingen. The child care provision is organised by the Child Day Care Agency.

The Hochschulsport and das XLAB offer extensive and diverse holiday program weeks for children and teens.

The Presidential Board resolved to develop the Guide to Child Care at the University of Göttingen. The guide gives detailed information on the diverse offers of child care provided by the university.