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Consultation on Qualification and Further Education

Qualification as a continual process is the basis of any permanent professionel success. We understand qualification as discovery and learning of abilities and competences enabling us to perform tasks and requirements on the job; be it on a personal, methodic or fact-oriented level. Our qualification measures comprise support after starting a new job at University Göttingen; support after a longer absence (re-integration); training on the current job, or training  aiming at a different job at University (further education).  

We´d like to give advice, if you

...want to find out more about own competences
...want to prepare new challenges when working in a new field
...want to switch to a different field
...want to find out which further education (including those from other providers) best matches your current situation

We cordially invite you to contact us to arrange a personal consultation!
Each consultation is treated confidentially.