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Extending one´s own knowledge in order to improve professional performance is an ongoing process which constitutes the permanent success of the university: Qualification activities promote the development of expertise, interdisciplinary exchange and networking. The qualification program offered by the University Göttingen comprise the suppport of employees during the initial period at work or after a longer absence (re-entry qualification), maintenance qualification on the work site and qualification for modified or new activities (further education).

We draft and update our offer in cooperation with superiors from the different subject areas at university in order to seize the requirements on the job which shall be met by employees.

In cooperation with the University´s Medical Center Bildungsakademie (UMG) every employee can participate in courses of both institutions without paying fees.

Above and beyond the annual workshop and course program, HR development drafts tailor-made qualifications measures for university units. According to the needs, these qualification measures can

- be individual or team based.
- offer a general or a very specific approach.
- be for the short or long term.

The qualification program addresses all employees at Göttingen University. The current qualifcation program can be browsed on the online portal or downloaded as a PDF file.

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