Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

  • Project “Bühne frei: Schulische Bildungsangebote im Bereich Darstellendes Spiel und ihre Wirkung auf die Persönlichkeitsentwicklung” (“Clear the Stage: School-Based Education in the Performing Arts and their Impact on Personality Development”).

    The project “Bühne frei” explores the impact of attending programmes of cultural education on personality traits of their participants. Project part 2 analyses the influence, or effect, of drama activities on the personality development of students who attend English-speaking theatre clubs at school. More information

    Duration: October 2018 - March 2022
    Funding: Rat für Kulturelle Bildung e.V. / Stiftung Mercator and Karl Schlecht Stiftung
    Research supervisor: Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp
    Research assistant: Dr. Andreas Wirag
    Student assistant: Lena Kühn
    Partner: Prof. Dr. Sascha Schröder (Department of Psychology, University of Göttingen)

  • Virtual Exchange for Global Education in Foreign Language Teaching

    The project by Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp and Fabian Krengel is founded on three current approaches of foreign language teaching: Global Education, Task-Based Learning, and Telecollaboration. Participating students will be connected with future English teachers from different European countries via digital communication technologies in order to develop complex competence tasks. While creating these tasks, they rely on English as their shared lingua franca. The tasks will focus on current global issues in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and can later be implemented in schools in the participating countries with the help of further virtual exchanges, thus avoiding the organizational and financial burden of physical mobility while still enabling authentic and meaningful communicative interaction in the foreign language. The project was funded for the development of a corresponding teaching concept within the framework of the funding program "Innovation plus" of the state of Lower Saxony from 2020-2021 in order to establish a seminar with the title "Using Virtual Exchange to Foster Global Education in Foreign Language Teaching" in the curriculum of the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program for the Master of Education. For the research accompanying this teaching concept, funding was obtained from the DAAD in the program "IVAC - International Virtual Academic Collaboration (2021-2022)". The project is called "TKKG - Telekollaborative Kompetenzen Global im Lehramtsstudium fördern (=Fostering Global Telecollaborative Competences in Teacher Education)". More information

    Research supervisor: Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp
    Research assistants: Fabian Krengel and Dr. Katharina Delius
    Student assistants: Laura Möller and Julien Köhler
  • Development of a teacher-training concept for an inclusive and diversity-conscious subject approach with a particular focus on action- and product-orientation

    In the current research project of Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp, Prof. Dr. Jessica Löser and Rajmund Bethge, an inclusive TEFL seminar concept is being developed for the master seminar ‘And the Oscar goes to … - taking students to Hollywood in a Global Simulation’. More information

    Duration: 2019-2023
    Funding: Schlözer Programm, Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung, BMBF
    Research supervisors: Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp and Prof. Dr. Jessica Löser (Institute for Educational Science, University of Göttingen)
    Research assistant: Rajmund Bethge
    Student assistants: Simon Lasse Brodersen