liveSciences³ Transnational and Digital Linked Life Sciences

Project Description

Göttingen University's strategy is to take an active role in the digital transformation of studying and teaching, to share its experience as an innovator in the higher education context, and to learn from national and international partners. The University of Göttingen sees the international and digital dimension of studying and teaching as an essential element in assuring the quality of studies. It also serves the overall university goal of educating globally responsible students in an outstanding way.

With liveSciences³, the University of Göttingen wanted to bring together the internationalization and digital transformation of studying and teaching to increase international mobility and intensify the international experiences of students.

The project focused on the life sciences: Under the umbrella of the Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use (CBL), the three Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry, and Biology and Psychology of the University of Göttingen, together with the partner universities, established an international and interdisciplinary teaching cooperation with a focus on sustainability. Digital teaching and learning formats were integrated into the curricula and new formats of mobility were promoted where students had a particularly active role to play.

The main focus of the liveSciences³ project was the digital transformation of educational processes along the Student International Journey using international standards and emphasizing interoperability. Therefore, the good collaborative cooperation of the central departments at the University of Göttingen, mainly Student and Academic Services, the International Office as well as the IT Department, was fundamental for the modernization and facilitation of international student mobility.


liveSciences³ put students at the focus and empowered them to overcome major hurdles and obstacles they have to face along the Student International Journey.

Project Objectives

For the liveSciences³ project, the University of Göttingen, together with its international partners, implemented a comprehensive bundle of interconnected digital measures and activities to open up new digital and analogue paths for the Student International Journey. The following three project objectives were pursued to increase international mobility and intensify the international experiences of students:

  1. The enrichment of the curricula with digital and transnational learning opportunities.
  2. The strengthening of methodological and digital skills of students and teachers.
  3. The facilitation of international student mobility with digital services.

Project Partners

Already existing international double degree programs in the area of life sciences and intensive long-term international collaborations provided a good starting point for the implementation of the project.

Partner universities in liveSciences³:


To fulfill the ambitious goals of the liveSciences³ project, a comprehensive bundle of interwoven digital measures and activities were designed to increase international mobility and intensify the international experiences of students.

Throughout the project, the liveSciences³ team actively shared valuable experiences and published relevant results addressing new forms of mobility, including digital teaching and learning formats as well as the digitization of student administration within existing networks and during (inter-)national conferences.

Click here for a summary of the liveSciences³ presentations and publications with links to all resources.

Insights into the liveSciences³ project work and on highlights of the achievements are captured in the visual recordings of the liveSciences³ reflection workshops.

Further project outcomes are introduced along with selected measures and activities below. Click on the icons for valuable information about the different measures and activities, including a detailed description as well as practical examples and lessons learned.


Prof. Dr. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne
Head of project

Dr. Anne Sennhenn
Project Coordinator

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