Doctoral Candidates

Admission forms and information leaflets

  • Joint form for admission to a GAUSS program, supervision agreement and matriculation (in English, German, or for University Members via eCampus)
  • Doctoral student’s declaration (English , German )
  • Rules of Good Practice for Doctoral Supervision (English , German )
  • Information on Supervision and Examination (English , German )
  • Orientation Framework for Good Scientific Practice (English , German )
  • Regulations regarding good scientific practice of the University of Göttingen (English , German )
  • Research data policy of the Georg-August University Göttingen including the UMG (English, German)

Information leaflets and forms for the doctoral studies

Doctoral degree regulations and annexes

Admission regulations

List of modules for the study degree programs (Modulverzeichnisse)

Performance records (credit requirements and TAC meetings)