Dr. Doreen Müller

Dr Doreen Müller is a graduate social scientist who earned her doctorate from the University of Göttingen as a research fellow in the DFG research training group "The future of the European social model". Her doctoral thesis investigated changes in European asylum policies. At the Zoom Institute (a social policy association) in Göttingen she completed practice-oriented projects and evaluations in the areas of educational research, participation and neighbourhood work as well as migration policy and (anti-)discrimination.
Since 2005 Doreen Müller has lectured at several universities on subjects including migration, migration policy, gender and diversity. She also works as a diversity competence trainer and has obtained an additional qualification as a coach.
In October 2013 she became the coordinator for applied research and consultancy at the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute.
From 2020 to 2022, she was an interim professor at the Göttingen Health Campus.

Her areas of focus are:

  • Migration and gender studies
  • Diversity and intersectionality
  • Education research
  • Migration, social welfare and local politics
  • Participation

Curriculum Vitae

Göttingen Diversity Research Institute