Equal opportunities in the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG)

The equality of women and men at the university as well as the reduction of still existing disadvantages due to gender and beyond binarity is one of the core goals of the GGG as part of the university-wide strategy.
The GGG implements this goal, among other things, in filling positions and awarding grants, where attention is paid to gender-competent and transparent design of selection procedures in addition to academic qualifications.
In addition, specific measures and counselling services aim to counteract the obstacles that still exist for women in science and for career development. The GGG supports childcare in cooperation with the Family Service, among others.
Moreover, the GGG family grant facilitates completion of the PhD alongside childcare or care for family members in a family context.
The diversity of PhD students is contributed by the concept of diversity-oriented support of PhD students.

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