Erasmus Opportunities at the Institute for Digital Humanities

Erasmus coordinator: Dr. Anna Dorofeeva

What is the Erasmus Programme?

The Erasmus scheme is an EU-funded program that organizes student exchanges between over 5,000 higher institutions. The exchange is geared towards giving Erasmus students the opportunity to experience global education.

Over 4 million Europeans get the opportunity to study, train, and gain experience abroad with this program.

How does the Erasmus program work?

The Erasmus program provides an opportunity for eligible students to move freely between registered universities and institutions.

The aim is to allow students to experience learning in a new culture, within a new environment, and using a different teaching method.

Why do Erasmus?

• Taking a semester or an internship abroad through the Erasmus + program will increase your employability. It is proven that an exchange program boosts your CV and helps you stand out in the job market. About 64% of employers consider an international experience to be significant for recruitment.
• Travel around your chosen Erasmus destination. This is a unique opportunity to get to know new places!
• Experience different learning and teaching practices with local Erasmus supported institutions. When you go abroad, you will understand how teaching methods differ from country to country. You will learn with those differences and start looking at things from a different perspective.
• Learn a new language. Getting to live in a foreign country for a while is a chance to enhance your language skills.
• Enhance your CV: many employers will choose graduates who have some international experience.

Who can apply for Erasmus?

Both BA and MA students.

How much money do you get from Erasmus?

Depending on the country and length of the exchange, Erasmus students get between 330 and 450 euros per month, plus sometimes certain add-ons, depending on their circumstances.

Where can I go on Erasmus?

Currently, the Institute for Digital Humanities has a contract with the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualisation at the TU in Graz for 2 student places (both BA and MA) in the summer semester.
The Language requirements in Graz are B2 German and B2 English; non-native speakers must provide a language certificate.

The Institute of Digital Humanities is also in the process of confirming a contract with the EPHE Paris for 3 student places (MA only) in the summer semester. The language requirement in Paris is B2 French.

Application process

• Deadline for applications: 31.01.2022
• Further information:
• The Mobility portal is open and the online application forms are now available for you to fill out.

If you have further questions about the application process, please make a personal appointment with the Göttingen International Office team using this link: (Login Domain: UG-STUDENT\). Otherwise, please feel free to email the Institute's Erasmus coordinator, Dr. Anna Dorofeeva ( ).