Student Mobility Outgoing - Erasmus+ (KA 131) (from 2021)

For interested students

  • Our exchange opportunities database "Gö abroad" gives you an overview of your Erasmus+ study opportunities. Our handout (German only) will assist you in your research.
  • Erasmus+ KA 131 Programme Countries

    • The 27 member states of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
    • Countries of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Liechtenstein und Norway
    • Associated partners of the EU: Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey

  • Your faculty webpages and seminars will also provide important information. Please read these pages carefully before applying. To the contact details of the Erasmus+ departmental coordinators, including websites.

      The programme is available to all regularly enrolled students and doctoral candidates at the University of Göttingen.

    The current call for applications (see below) contains the essential information on the application process. The application and the upload of all relevant documents is done online via the Erasmus+ KA 131 Application Portal. Registration in the application portal has to be completed with the address. Before submitting the application, it is strongly recommended to arrange a counselling interview with the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator.

    Application documents:

      In addition to filling out an online form (incl. privacy policy), (at least) the following documents must be uploaded:
    • Explain your personal and professional motivation, including a simple outline of how you plan to finance your studies abroad (Draft: Letter of motivation (in German)),
    • Certificate of enrolment for the semester of application,
    • FlexNow Transcript of Records with percentile rank, university entrance qualification if applying in the 1st semester of an undergraduate degree programme or transcript of the Bachelor's degree if applying in the 1st Master's semester,
    • Language certificate(s). A non-exhaustive overview of possible certificates is included in the announcement. Students who indicate their native language as their first language of instruction should use the Native Speaker Template

    Application deadline for the following academic year (start winter and summer semester): 31 January

    Important note: For students of medicine, the deadline is 10 January!

    Tip: The Study Abroad Advisory Team offers some virtual Open Office Hours in January on FAQ about the application phase.

    The Erasmus+ departmental coordinators will inform you about the result of the selection process.

    You will receive the form "Confirmation of Nomination" from your Erasmus+ departmental coordinator with a request to sign and return it. The form must be signed in full and submitted to the International Office Göttingen by 30 April of the academic year. Find out well in advance when the deadline for submitting the document to your faculty is.

    Successfully nominated students are formally registered or "nominated" at the partner university by their departmental coordinator, usually between March and June.

    The International Office Göttingen will officially schedule you for an Erasmus+ exchange after processing the nomination. Students and departmental coordinators will receive further information at the end of May to mid-June.

Open Calls

For nominated students

The Erasmus+ Checklist & Guidelines help you to always keep an overview of your next important steps.

Detailed information can be obtained from the host university and, if applicable, from your departmental coordinator. You can also find helpful information in our exchange opportunities database "Gö abroad". Registration procedures at partner universities may vary. Therefore, discuss the necessary steps for nomination and enrolment with the departmental coordinator at the receiving college or university. Nomination and enrolment are not carried out by the International Office Göttingen.

The Learning Agreement is a mandatory document for an Erasmus+ stay. The learning agreement contains the courses you want to attend abroad and the courses you want to receive credit for later in Göttingen. The Learning Agreement is valid when signed by the student, the departmental coordinator or another authorised person and the partner institution.

If you want to study at a partner university for a full academic year, you should record courses for all planned semesters in the Learning Agreement. If this is not possible, you must create a new Learning Agreement before the start of the second semester.

Only after submitting the Learning Agreement, you will receive your Erasmus+ Grant Agreement from the Erasmus+ KA 131 team. Two (duplicate original) copies must be submitted.

In the Erasmus+ Key Action 131 programme, a compulsory online language assessment must be taken (from August 2022). If one of the following languages will be the first language of instruction during the stay abroad, the test must be taken before the start of the stay: English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR) or Italian (IT).

Offers in other EU languages as well as Icelandic, Macedonian, Norwegian, Serbian, and Turkish will be successively integrated.

This so-called "Online Language Support" (OLS) offers Erasmus+ beneficiaries various possibilities: Self-assessment of language skills through language assessments, as well as participation in language courses in any number of languages. However, the test is usually not the basis for selection and acceptance at the host university. Göttingen International or eu|academy will inform you if you have to take an online language test. Native speakers are exempt from the compulsory test.

Participants in the academic year 2022/23 please note: The implementation of the new EU database eu|academy for the mandatory language assessment (so-called "OLS" - Online Language Support) is delayed. Against this background, all Erasmus+ grantees will be exempted from the mandatory OLS assessment in the academic year 2022/23. However, we would welcome you to take the OLS assessment voluntarily. You will be notified by email as soon as the OLS function is fully ready. Independently of this, you are welcome to use the "eu|academy" on a voluntary basis. In addition to the virtual language tests and courses, self-study courses on other topics such as "migration & integration" or "cities, urban & regional development" are also offered.

Certificate of Arrival

After your arrival at the host university, please have the Certificate of Arrival issued and upload it in the mobility portal. Only after receipt of this document is the first instalment of your grant prepared for payment.

Certificate of Stay

During the agreed study period, you are enrolled at the host university and attend courses there. Only the period in which you are academically obligated to be on-site counts as the Erasmus+ funding period - starting with the orientation days up to the last exam. This will be confirmed by the host institution in the "Certificate of Stay" at the end of the stay.

    After your stay abroad you have to submit the Certificate of Stay, the Transcript of Records and the experience reports. Please use the Programme documents for this purpose.

    Preparation, leave of absence, recognition – there are a lot of things to consider for your stay abroad. Find some answers in our A–Z of planning a stay abroad.

Checklists & Documents

We are happy to answer any questions and offer nominated participants a virtual "Open Office Hour" on every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (link is sent to students directly), but you may find the right answer quickly and easily in our FAQ.

The Erasmus Student Charter provides information about rights and responsibilities and what can be expected from the home and host universities at each stage of the programme.


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