Degree programs

The Institute offers different degree programs. General information on these programs is available in English:

For specific information on current courses, anouncements and news for students, please refer to the German version of this website.

In addition, we offer a new master degree program

The Universities of Barcelona, Glasgow, Göttingen and Erasmus Rotterdam are pleased to announce that the Global Markets, Local Creatives (GLOCAL) Erasmus Mundus Masters' degree programme is accredited and funded by the European Commission.

Our new two-year Masters leverages the complementary and interdisciplinary expertise, resources and networks of the Programme's partner universities in the fields of business, history, and economics. The program also harnesses the innovation and energies of the cities in which they are based to examine how local places and local actors generate local competitiveness under global market conditions. The degree equips students with the critical skills to make sense of the intersecting complementarity of the global and the local, which is at the heart of the programme.

The degree is ideal for students seeking careers in urban or public policy organisations, multinational corporations, international consultancies, cultural and creative industries, media or other non-profit organisations. Students will be encouraged to explore a variety of interdisciplinary and place-based perspectives on the process and experience of globalisation, in particular of cities, creative industries, development and local cultures of entrepreneurship.

There are about 20 fully-funded scholarships available to students per academic year, and applications from highly-talented eligible students from across the social sciences and the liberal arts are invited. For further information about the programme, including how to apply, please visit the GLOCAL website.