former events

  • Biographiezirkel: The project “gendergerechte Inklusion für Promovendinnen“ invites female doctoral candidates to a “Biographiezirkel”. The campus-wide program addresses female doctoral candidates, Master students and postdocs who are confronted with additional challenges during their qualification phase due to disabilities, chronic diseases or psychological diseases. Firstly, the “Biographiezirkel” give room to exchange experiences and reflect on one’s current situation in a highly confidential environment; secondly, the experts who are gathered here can give important information on how inclusion within academic life can be improved.
    “Biographiezirkel” support the exchange of female doctoral candidates because the still existing glass ceiling during and after obtaining the doctoral degree is exacerbated for women with disabilities. Therefore, “Biographiezirkel” are women* only.
  • lecture: Inclusion during a Doctorate? Chances, Risks, and Side Effects when Doing a Doctorate with a Disability” (Susanne Groth, Köln), May 16, 2019, 18:15-19:45, , VG 1.103
    How do PhD students with disabilities experience everyday life at a university? What kind of challenges are they faced with? Whom do they when inform about their disabilities? What kind of reactions show supervisors on that? What solutions do they have when dealing with potential problems? And are disabilities or health problems actually taken into account in PhD regulations?
    In her lecture Susanne Groth will be focusing on experience and knowledge from the project “PROMI – Promotion inklusive”. The lecture will be in German, but discussion in English is welcome, too.

The project was funded by the university’s "Gleichstellungs-Innovations-Fonds" and the "Professorinnenprogramm II (BMBF).