Globalization and the Rise of Mass Education

Workshop “Globalization and the Rise of Mass Education”: Book Launch Göttingen
December 03, 2019 Venue: Oeconomicum 1.134

This workshop is an interdisciplinary pre-launch of the book “Globalization and the Rise of Mass Education”, edited by David Mitch (University of Maryland-Baltimore County) and Gabriele Cappelli (University of Sienna). The event aims at providing a platform to discuss the themes of globalization, human capital formation, long-run development, and international migration.

The workshop will bring together specialists in the fields of economic history and development economics who contributed to the aforementioned book. Each presenter will have his/her chapter commented by a specialist, whowill raise points for an open debate with the audience. Jointly organized by the Centre for Global Migration Studies and the Courant Center – “Poverty, Equity and Growth in Developing Countries”, the workshop aims at providing an interdisciplinary approach to the themes of globalization and education. Attendance if free of charge and registration is not required. Inquiries can be addressed to Bruno Gabriel Witzel de Souza:

10:00 Opening
Address of welcome: Dr. Bruno Witzel de Souza (University of Goettingen)
Courant Center – “Poverty, Equity and Growth in Developing Countries”: Prof. Dr.
Marcela Ibanez (University of Goettingen)
Center for Global Migration Studies: Dr. Jelka Guenther (University of Goettingen)

10:15 Introduction
“The concept, structure, and research agenda of the book ‘Globalization and the Rise of
Mass Education’”, by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Cappelli (University of Sienna)

11:15 Chapter’s discussion I
“Missions, Education and conversion in Colonial Africa”, by Dr. Felix Meier zu
Selhausen (University of Sussex)

12:15 – 13:15 Lunch pause

13:30 Chapter’s discussion II
“Development for the Center and Civilization for the Periphery: the First Globalization,
Racial Exclusion and Regional School Development in Colombia”, by Prof. Dr. Irina
Espana-Eljaiek (Universidad EAFIT – Colombia)

14:30 Chapter’s discussion III
“Organizations matter: German schools and educational performance amid Brazilian
coffee plantations (1840-1940)”, by Dr. Bruno Gabriel Witzel de Souza (University of

15:30 Concluding remarks