Information for Authors

We welcome submissions on cutting-edge migration research from various disciplinary standpoints that take a transnational and global perspective.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Please refer to the information for authors and ensure that the content of your manuscript is in line with the “Aim & Scope” and “Mission Statement” of Global Migration Studies. Please also format your document according to the stylesheet.

Send your final manuscript to, including the specific category of your submission (working paper, opinion statement etc.) in the “subject” field.

We thank you very much for your submission and interest in Global Migration Studies.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Global Migration Studies to provide high-quality scientific insights and open-minded viewpoints on the dynamics of migration worldwide to a broad readership. Therefore, submissions must comply with the following requirements:

1) Originality
The publication contains novel empirical, theoretical, or methodological insights or novel viewpoints. The submitted material has neither been published before nor is it currently under re-view for another working paper series. The submission of material allows for its further submission and final publication in peer-reviewed journals, compendia, books, etc.

2) Quality of content and methodology
Authors must ensure that arguments, facts, and fig-ures are presented correctly. The chosen theories and methods fit the research objectives and are applied correctly.

3) Ethics
The publication is in line with good academic practice and free of any discriminatory content.

4) Structure and storyline
The submitted material is well-structured in the sense that readers can clearly follow the logic of the arguments presented. The line of argumentation is strin-gent and clear. Figures and tables are well embedded in the text. Title, abstract, and key-words fit publication content.

5) Language and formalities
The publication is formatted in accordance with the submission guidelines of Global Migration Studies and written in English or German.

6) Media
The above-mentioned criteria also apply accordingly to non-textual contributions. Audio and video submissions should be of good sound and image quality and should be submitted in an already edited format.

Open Access

All publications of Global Migration Studies conform to open access licensing under the CC BY-SA License.

Publishing a paper in Global Migration Studies does not preclude simultaneous or subsequent publication elsewhere. We recommend that you openly indicate your open access publication with Global Migration Studies when applying to publish your contribution in a revised version elsewhere. We would be grateful if you could give credit to Global Migration Studies by mentioning the original publication in a footnote when republishing your work elsewhere. Once published in Global Migration Studies, the publications cannot be withdrawn.

Peer Review

While working papers, special issues, and research data will undergo a double-blind peer review, all other contributions will be checked for consistency with the aim, scope, and mission statement of Global Migration Studies.

The content of all contributions is the sole responsibility of individual authors. The views and opinions expressed in all kind of contributions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of neither the editorial board of Global Migration Studies nor those of the Centre for Global Migration Studies at the University of Göttingen. Readers’ comments on contributions or questions about content should be sent directly to the corresponding author.