Information for prospective students

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is one of the youngest, but also most successful sciences in the world. It is not possible to imagine a world without computer science, and it is just the beginning of the digital revolution. As emerging and growing part it influences almost all aspects of life. The teaching and research potential of those developments is leveraged by our Bachelor and Master courses in computer science. As a science, computer science deals with the systematic and automated processing of information. It discusses structures, properties and approaches to describe information and its processing; furthermore, the structure, operating and design principles of computer systems are considered. Besides, the development of experimental and productive information processing systems plays an important role in the studies by applying modern computer design approaches.

Computer science can be divided into the main areas of theorical computer science, practical computer science and computer engineering as well as the application of computer sciences in adjacent domains. The students deal with the opportunities of structuring, formalization and mathematization of application areas, considering special models and simulations. Besides, students will gain knowledge about the engineering and development of software systems for various application areas with a special focus on the adaption of human-computer interaction of those systems. .

What are the Career Opportunities?

Computer scientists are demanded in almost all disciplines and application domains. Typical fields of work are: software and hardware development; consulting and teaching; advancement and adaption of application systems; service and maintenance of data and computing centres; education and instruction; research and development. Depending on the chosen specialisation area, other fields of work are possible. Due to the interdisciplinary studies of computer scientists, the career opportunities are very good. Today's IT systems are complex and interconnected so that well-educated computer scientists are in great demand.

Which Courses in Computer Science can be studied in Göttingen?

On undergraduate level the following courses are available: Applied Computer Science B.Sc., Applied Data Science B.Sc. and the 2-Subject-Bachelor Computer Science plus X. Information about postgraduate courses are available here.

Where can I get more information?

More information can be obtained by the study adviser for computer science:

Dr. Henrik Brosenne
Goldschmidtstr. 7
37077 Göttingen

Tel. +49 551 39 172029
Fax. +49 551 39 14403