New Memberships-Rules for PhD students of Agricultural and Forest Sciences starting from October 2015

In October 2015 the Graduate School Forest and Agricultural Sciences (GFA) was established at Göttingen University. The creation of this fourth graduate school makes sure that every PhD student has access to a specific graduate school responsible for them. The strong point of the Göttingen scheme of graduate school lies in the fact that the different graduate schools are linked to specific subject cultures. Nonetheless, they closely cooperate in interdisciplinary approaches.

PhD students of Forest and Agricultural Sciences, having started their projects after October 2015, usually are members of the GFA. The PhD students being admitted to doctoral studies in Agricultural and Forest Sciences you automatically become a member of the GFA.
As an exception you can enroll at the GGG by sending a request with reason to the GFA. After the GFA aggreed, you send the GGG questionnaire to the GGG. You have to make your choice for the GGG within the first six months during your doctoral studies. Afterwards you stay in the GGG.
Your choice for a graduate school will not affect your PhD process. Following the new doctoral degree regulations you directly apply for admission at the GFA or faculty.