International Graduate Workshop on Food, Farm and Rural Development

Participants of the workshop at Wageningen University
Photo by Rural Sociology group

Last March 12th -13th, 2015 a group of students of the MSc. Program International Agribusiness and Rural Development participated at the International Graduate Workshop on Food, Farm and Rural Development in Wageningen University. The workshop was organized by the Rural Sociology group of Wageningen University, The Netherlands and the Graduate School of Economics and the Graduate School of Agriculture of Kyoto University, Japan. The agenda consisted of four panels with the following topics:

  • Rural Development and Knowledge production.
  • Sustainable Food Consumption.
  • Food Security and Food Sovereignty.
  • Recognition and behavior of agri-food actors

  • At the workshop PhD students of the Universities of Wageningen and Kyoto presented their researches and gave place to very interesting debates related to political economy, food networks, food regimes, food security and food sovereignty, plus farm development strategies.
    The varied studies discussed at the Workshop gave us important inputs to have a more comprehensive point of view, For instance the role of Japan in the geopolitical and economical expansion of soy bean in the world and how Halal law in Indonesia could reconfigure the idea of food security.

    IARD Students at Wageningen University
    Photo by Jennifer Provost

    "It was very fascinating to hear how agricultural and food production scheme has been address worldwide and an event like the one in Wageningen gave us the opportunity to create very valuable networks looking forward to develop sustainable agri-food systems."
    Ana M. Perez, IARD student