Notes and slides

Introductory course

Dorothea Bahns & Ingo Witt (University of Göttingen): Introduction to microlocal analysis

  • Lecture I: Basics
  • Lecture II: Pseudodifferential operators on n
  • Lecture III: Distributions on manifolds
  • Lecture IV: Lagrangian distributions

  • Advanced courses

    Tobias Hartung (King's College London): Zeta functions of Fourier integral operators

  • Lectures I-II: Gauged poly-log-homogeneous distributions
  • Lectures III-IV: Path integral regularization
  • Lecture IV: Integration theory

  • Tobias Weich (University of Paderborn): Dynamical resonances via microlocal analysis

  • Notes

  • Michał Wrochna (Université Grenoble Alpes): Microlocal methods in quantum field theory on curved spacetimes

  • Introductory notes on microlocal analysis in QFT on curved spacetimes