Our offer for incoming exchange students

Students coming to ZEWIL for an exchange semester can take any of the courses offered by Lehramt PluS.
These courses are aimed at student teachers of all subjects and support them in developing various competencies for their later work at school.
This also includes so-called "practical projects", which are carried out in cooperation with schools and in which students come into contact with teachers and students as part of a course at the university.

Here is a list of English-speaking offers for exchange students during summer semester:

Kreativitätsmodul B.Erz.920, 4 ECTS
Creative Seminar, for example the BEST Exchange Summer School or our BEST Exchange Winter BIP (see our main website).

Praxismodul B.Erz.902, 6 ECTS
Internship at a school in Göttingen, for example Neue IGS, 3h/week.

Praxismodul BNE B.SPL.936, 6 ECTS
Internship/Project at a school in Göttingen, on education for sustainable development for example Neue IGS, 3h/week.

Interkulturelle Kompetenz B.Erz.915, 3 ECTS
blocked seminar on intercultural competences in school or
"Europa mach Schule" Project. Introduce your home country and culture to a class of students in Göttingen.

German Langauge Course, 6 ECTS
Different levels from Beginners (A1) to Advanced (C1).
You can find the program here.

Other Courses
One or two more courses from different subjects might be elected from the key competencies in English.