Pictures and Videos of Roundtable 2 "Governance and Migration"

Roundtable 2 Sketchnote

The roundtable „Governance and Migration“ took a global perspective on migration management. Against the background of their scholarly expertise and their insights into politics and practice the two panelists Prof. Dr. Dawn Chatty (Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford) and Dr. Constantin Hruschka (Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Munich and former Policy and Legal Officer at UNHCR) discussed the challenges and inconsistencies of global and regional migration governance. The debate shed particularly light on European migration politics and its “trouble spots” by examining them in cross- regional comparison. Eva Völker (Journalist, Göttingen) moderated the session.

Excerpts from the Roundtable

Watch the entire roundtable here.

“Regional Responses to Displaced Syrians: Not Rights but Responsibility” by Prof. Dr. Dawn Chatty

“Migration Management and Legal Standards” by Dr. Constantin Hruschka

Mass Displacement in Syria: Is Europe's policy of containing refugees in the region sustainable?

What is the role of law in migration management?

Why is a global perspective on migration management needed?