Rainforest house

Unfortunately not accessible at the moment for technical reasons.

As one pane has shattered and other panes are cracked, the cycad house and the rainforest house must currently remain closed.
It is not yet clear when we will be able to reopen the houses.

Our rainforest house is dedicated to plants from the humid tropics of Central and South America. The temperatures are a pleasant 20 to 25° C, the humidity is high, and the gardeners in our greenhouse also provide daily ‘rainfall’. The rainforest is a ‘three-dimensional habitat’, and the vegetation is not limited to the ground: palms, heliconias, arum plants, marantas and other giant herbs have leaves several metres high, climbing plants (lianas) climb the upper storeys of the forest, and epiphytes find the light on branches and twigs that is lacking on the ground of the forest.


All these bromeliads, orchids, arum plants, gesneriads and ferns are not parasites or parasites, and their ‘host trees’ in our botanical garden are lifeless, artificial structures made of concrete. The best-known plant families with many epiphytic representatives are the orchids and the bromeliads.

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