Research Interests

Inorganometallic Chemistry

We are interested in alternating old patterns observed for well-studied ligands in organometallic coordination chemistry by varying substituents and increasingly substituting carbon atoms by heteroatoms. In a nutshell – we are aiming for a stepwise transformation from organometallic chemistry to “inorganometallic” chemistry and the application of new ligands to suitable elements of the p-, d-, and f-block.

We are a predominantly synthetic group in the field of molecular organometallic chemistry dealing with fairly air- and moisture sensitive compounds by Schlenk-techniques and glovebox preparations. For the structural examinations of the molecules we made we can rely on the state of the art X-ray equipment of the Stalke group. We love NMR (especially of heteronuclei) and do some accompanying DFT calculations.

From early spring 2018 on, we’ll establish our group at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Göttingen. We are currently looking for students interested in internships in advanced synthetic chemistry and candidates for BSc, MSc or PhD theses.

Maingroup Hydrides in Cooperation

We share a common interest in the chemistry of hydride-rich compounds of the (heavier) maingroup elements with the group of Prof. Lars Wesemann at the University of Tübingen and keep up a vivid exchange with the group.