The group

Tobias Heitkemper, MSc


PhD student
"New Polyanionic Ligands"

Tobias joined in April 2018 as the first PhD student in the group.
Having obtained BSc und MSc degrees from TU Dortmund he moved to Göttingen for his PhD research project.

Maxim Golfmann, BSc.


Master student
"work in progress"

Maxim actually lost his heart to organic chemistry and still found his way into Tammannstr. 4 (Inorganic Chemistry).
Here too, he'll (hopefully) find some nice heterocycles.

Julijan Sarcevic, BSc.

Julijan für Webpage2_neu_kleinklein

Master student

Julijan is a Bielfeld expat that does the experimental bits of his master's thesis in our group!

  • phone: 33039
  • room: 103/104

Leonard Naß, BSc.


Student Coworker
"Functionalised Boroles"

Leonard joined in October 2019 to be the groups first BSc-candidate in Göttingen and he surprisingly survived and did well.
He subsequently joined the team as a student lab assistant. Being an avid skater, he is also known as "Tony the Eagle".

PhD Opportunity within the RTG2455 BENCh

There is currently an open opportunity for a PhD Position within the research training group BENCh.

The Sindlinger group at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Göttingen is looking for a PhD Candidate (all genders welcome) in synthetic organometallic chemistry. The position is embedded in the DFG-funded GRK2455 BENCh - Benchmark Experiments for Numerical Quantum Chemistry" and is limited for 3 years. The project will involve the study of reactive main-group heterocycles regarding several experimentally accessible observables. Their spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties will serve as benchmark for theoretical modelling. Ideally, the candidate has a strong background in synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry including the handling of sensitive compounds and has already experience in computational chemistry. The applicant should be willing to learn high-level quantum chemical methods in collaboration with the project partners. Further details can be found in the official job advertisement . Applications can be submitted online by 30th of September via the application portal. For inquiries please contact

Still hiring!

I am currently looking for motivated and ambitious students that, first of all, enjoy synthetic chemistry. Being part of a small group with a young supervisor may offer some advantages:

advantages of a small group

+ supervisor has a personal interest in getting syntheses and projects to work
+ direct collaboration with the supervisor speeds up learning new techniques a lot
+ from the beginning on: a lot of responsibility and independence
+ direct involvement in lab management
+ greater flexibility upon choosing a project

In a small group each individual counts more!

If you are interested in joining the group at this early phase as one of the first research interns, bachelor, master or PhD students and in adding your contributions to the shape of it, you are more than welcome to contact me to discuss a variety of project proposals.

I am always happy to assist in finding and applying for further PhD funding opportunities.

What we offer

Fields of Research
We are trying to be all-rounders in synthetic chemistry. We are sharing the labs and equipment with the Stalke group. Research focuses during internships and thesis projects can to some extend be individually discussed. Possible projects may focus:

+ organic synthesis
+ sophisticated and demanding metalorganic synthesis with elements from all over the periodic table
+ inert-gas manipulation via Schlenk- and glove box techniques
+ spectroscopic studies
+ basic DFT computations closely related to the experimental synthetic progress