Prof. Dr. Frank Schorkopf

research interests have their common core in public law issues arising from the interaction of legal systems - Constitutional Law, European Law and International Law. The starting point is mostly the law of the European Union, with a special focus on the institutional framework, fundamental and human rights and the Economic and Monetary Union. In terms of content, the focus is on the theoretical and practical questions of how political rule in a liberal society can be established, organized and justified. The study on the legal implications of diversity and identity politics (Staat und Diversität, Schöningh, 2017) is an example of this societal-theoretical and normative interest. The textbook “Staatsrecht der internationalen Beziehungen” (C.H. Beck, 2017) gives a current impression of my research approach. The book deals with German constitutional law that is applicable to cross-border situations and supranational constellations. The work represents the field of law in the sense of a German Foreign Relations Law. The focus is on the state practice of the "Berlin Republic", i.e. the period since the completion of German unification in 1990. The book also contains a long chapter on the scientific history of this legal matter and is thus exemplary for the effort to view and pursue jurisprudence from a (constitutional) historical perspective. One research focus at the chair that takes up this perspective is the history of European law, i.e. a contextualization of Union law that goes back to the 1950s and is particularly concerned with the history of its origins - a small monograph (Der Europäische Weg, Mohr Siebeck, 2. A., 2015), several dissertations and smaller studies are available on this subject. Finally, public law is addressed by dealing with legal problems from state practice, from which jurisprudential research questions arise in particular for parliamentary law and constitutional procedural law.

Academic Staff

Ferdinand Weber conducts research on questions of Constitutional and Administrative Law and their links to European and International Law. He is particularly interested in Nationality and Citizenship Law, Union Citizenship and other status rights as well as comprehensive development issues in european and international integration processes. Further areas of interest include the formation of legal terms as well as concepts and their functions as dogmatic argumentation figures.

Jonas Tafel conducts research on constitutional jurisdiction and supreme courts in a multi-level system from the perspective of Constitutional Law and Political Science. The focus is on questions of constitutional theory as well as state and social theory. A further area of interest is the integration of the European Union in the field of Security and Defence Policy.

Maria Fried focuses on the German Foreign Relations Law. She researches on the binding effect of international soft law and the involvement of parliaments in its development process. To this end, she takes up recent developments in International Migration Law. She is also interested in the historical and philosophical foundations of state and society.