The research focus of the department lies in the practical context of the technical production of raw wood. These include, for example, the evaluation of innovative technologies and forestry working methods according to ecological, economic and ergonomic aspects.

Currently ongoing projects & research focus

Special experiences exist in the scientific investigation of the interactions between the chassis of forest special machines and the underground. In addition to recording the frequently discussed contact surface pressure in very high resolution, measuring methods and metrological solutions were realized for the comparative evaluation of the traction behavior and the fuel consumption of self-propelled machines.

In addition, the focus is on the collection and evaluation of cooperatively organized product and information flow chains (logistics chains) between forest enterprises and companies in the woodworking and processing industry. Other research areas include the organization of work in forestry operations and the provision of energy wood.In addition to the technical equipment and know-how, the department has a creative research team, which has repeatedly worked on non-forest issues. The range of services offered by the department for interested companies ranges from the targeted support of individual development stages through cooperation in research and development projects to common joint projects. They also like to go beyond the forestry sector.

Interested in collaborating?

For questions about potential research collaborations or opportunities for contract research, please contact:



Prof. Dr. Dirk Jaeger
Head of department

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Dr. Henrik Brokmeier
Project management

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Dr. Sebastian Paczkowski
Project management

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