SALLnet focusses on the three major land-use types within Limpopo’s multi-use landscapes and their socio-economic context and performance. To do so, SALLnet conducts case studies and designes a modelling and upscaling framework to use field and experimental findings both at farm and regional level and – involving regional stakeholders in the entire research process – SALLnet develops integrative risk management strategies and policy recommendations for a sustainable land use.

In SALLnet research will be carried in these work packages:
1: Arable lands
2: Rangelands & Agroforestry
3: Orchards
4: Economic modelling and assessment of different scenarios and risk management options for agriculture in Limpopo
5: Effect of climate change and management interventions on ecosystem services of arable land and macadamia plantations in Limpopo region
6: Climate change, land use and nitrogen dynamics in rangelands/shrubs
7: Integration & Synthesis