Fundamental Algorithms and Data-Structures

  • Developing and implementing new efficient algorithmic methods for fundamental (open) problems in the area of computer science, in particular related to pattern matching, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry, formal languages, and combinatorics.

  • Designing new efficient data-structures, in particular for efficient text-indexing and information retrieval.

  • Approaching and solving various fundamental open problems in the area of theoretical computer science (e.g., combinatorics on words).


String Solving

(aka solving string-constraints, aka solving equations)

  • Developing of efficient text-algorithms and data-structures with applications in software verification, verification of security protocols, development of query-languages for text-data-bases, as well as algorithmic learning theory, or mining and information retrieval on big-text-data.

  • Implementing software-tools based on our theoretical results; validating them on data from industry.

  • Developing and implementing dependable and relevant test methods for string-solving-programs.

  • Finding and exploring new connections between fundamental research in the area of string-solving and software-engineering.


Future Plans:

  • Identify and work on relevant fundamental questions arising from applied areas (e.g., data science, learning theory).


Funding & Cooperations

Our research is mainly funded through the DFG-grant MA-5725/2-1:
Kombinatorik der Wortmorphismen

We have a strong on-going cooperation with research groups from Universities in:

  • Germany (Kiel)

  • UK (Loughborough)

  • Poland (Wroclaw)

  • Romania (Bucharest)