SAECULUM. Jahrbuch für Universalgeschichte

The world historical yearbook SAECULUM is devoted to the cultures of all regions and their historical development and diversity. This broad outlook comprises contemporary history as well as prehistory and protohistory. Not least, the global influences of European history are among the yearbook's subjects. Its world historical design is reflected in the analysis of relations between social and economic history and between political and cultural history, including transregional connections between these fields. Wherever possible, SAECULUM aims at a comparative perspective. It offers a forum for fundamental debates in history and cultural studies. SAECULUM is aimed at scholars in history and cultural studies that seek to transcend specialisation through methodical and theoretical thinking.

SAECULUM is a peer-reviewed journal published by Böhlau Verlag.

SAECULUM Editorial Board: Judit Árokay, Jan Assmann, Arndt Brendecke, Peter Burschel, Klaus Butzenberger, Ute Daniel, Eveline Dürr, Manfred K. H. Eggert, Thomas Höllmann, Margit Kern, Hans-Henning Kortüm, Jochen Martin, Christoph Marx, Axel T. Paul, Stefan Reichmuth, Wolfgang Reinhard, Erhard Rosner, Stefanie Samida, Ulrich Veit, Eckhard Wirbelauer, Hubert Wolf and Annette Zgoll.

SAECULUM is edited by Peter Burschel (Göttingen University) and Christoph Marx (University of Duisburg-Essen), with the assistance of Sünne Juterczenka and Michael Leemann (both Göttingen University).

Manuscripts submitted for consideration should be e-mailed, as MS Word files, to the editor, Peter Burschel (saeculum(at) Please prepare your manuscript according to our instructions for contributors and style guide (click here for the German version).

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