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Summersemester 2021

Course length: From 19th April 2021 till 15th July 2021

For: enrolled international students/PhD students of Goettingen University

New: Unfortunately, employees & visiting scientists of the University of Goettingen & associated institutes e.g. MPIs, DPZ, DLRZ etc. can no longer participate in our courses due to a strongly reduced course offer. The IIK Göttingen (partner institute of the University of Göttingen) will provide a corresponding offer soon. Please contact them.
Requirement: is an assessment for new entrants. Please assess your current language level yourself using this online test.

All enrolled students from WiSe 2020/21 can move on to the next level without any assessment.

Enrolled students who have no knowledge of German at all do not need to take a placement test. Please register for an A1.1 course.

Registration students: via StudIP from

10th April 2021, 8.00 am - 17th April 2021

In StudIP you will find the courses under the search term

"Deutschkurs%A1.1" e.g.

ECTS-points: - 2h/week-course: 3 CPs

- 4h/week-course: 6 CPs

Requirement for CPs: - regular attendance and the passing of the exam

Programme summer term 2021: you can find on the right of the menu