Sensory Lab

Laboratory for sensory analysis and consumer studies

The quality of food is perceived by humans mainly through taste and aroma compounds. These compounds can be detected with modern, chemical-analytical methods. However, these methods do not provide information about the actual sensory impression of a food for humans.

In the cross-faculty sensory laboratory of the Georg-August-University Göttingen, a sensory panel therefore works in 10 cabins equipped according to the latest standard (DIN 10962:1997) under standardized conditions and carries out smell and taste tests together with our scientists, which allow statements about the quality of a food. The sensory laboratory is also used for consumer studies. It is open to a larger number of interested consumers, whose opinions determine the marketability of a product.

The equipment includes:

Internet access | EyeQuestion software | waste bins | partitions | exhaust system | red, warm and daylight lamps | kitchen with combi-steamers, hobs, microwaves, precision scales | refrigerators and freezers | group discussion room | smart board | flipchart | one-way mirror