Certificate and Key Competencies

What does the Digital Humanities Certificate convey?

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of digitisation and are you interested in the humanities working with computational methods? We provide you with an overview of the topics, research questions, methods and tools of Digital Humanities. In doing so, you will practice getting quickly acquainted with foreign software structures and how to apply these tools in your own small research project.

What additional benefits does the Digital Humanities Certificate offer?

Our courses offer basic digital skills that are increasingly in demand in all occupational fields within and outside science. The certificate documents the acquired digital skills for future employers and can thus be a trailblazer for your career entry.
In addition, the solution orientation of the tasks should increase your creativity, flexibility and versatility.

In the event of a change of subject, the credits acquired in the certificate can be credited to the BA and MA Digital Humanities study program.

How is the certificate program Digital Humanities structured?

The certificate consists of an introductory module (6C), two to three elective modules (12C) and a project module (6C), which can be taken in several semesters. Start with a key competency module, as a taster course. It will be credited to the certificate.
Therefore, you can complete the certificate within the framework of the key competence/optional area or as a voluntary additional benefit.

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Who is addressed?

The certificate study in the area of ​​key competences, which is aimed at students of the Philosophical, Theological and Social Sciences faculty and at all people interested in humanities issues studying at the Georg-August-Universität. The certificate can be completed both at Bachelor's and Master's level.

The acquisition of a certificate is a good idea if you want to engage more intensively with the Digital Humanities, i.e. if you are looking for a practical "education" in digital language, literature and cultural assets, in order to gain in-depth knowledge of the use of computers in the humanities and to be able to apply your digital skills as a matter of course.

How can you sign in?

Please register to every module or course using FlexNow.

How do I get the certificate?

If you can prove at least 24C "Digital Humanities", we will issue you the certificate "Digital Humanities" in paper form. It will be presented to you at the end of the semester. The prerequisite is that you have successfully completed the introductory module and a practical module.

- Examination Regulations (available soon)

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