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"Refugees" Task Force

The "Refugees" Task Force was established as an initiative in reaction to the diverse group of refugees arriving in Göttingen. It is designed to provide a forum for sharing information about all activities revolving around the subject of refugee integration and meets at irregular intervals. The task force brings together all locally relevant stakeholders who deal with refugees. The aim is to discuss and optimally coordinate ongoing activities whilst exploring new needs. These stakeholders include representatives of the various committees at Göttingen University from the Presidential Board, Senate, the deans' offices including researchers at the faculties who are working on the topics of migration, diversity and interculturality alongside the heads of the departments and administrative boards of the University (Göttingen International, Student and Academic Services, Gender Equality and Diversity). Add to this the non-university partners like representatives from the MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity and the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Private University of Applied Science (PFH). Furthermore, representatives of the Student Services Centre and the City and District of Göttingen are participating as well as are volunteer students from initiatives who provide support on legal matters, language learning and intercultural exchanges during mutual activities.

Four of the Task Force's working groups are currently examining how the different aspects of how the inclusion of refugees on the Göttingen Campus work:

  1. Shaping the process for integration into degree programmes

  2. Qualification and sensitisation of students

  3. Legal and financial matters, statistics

  4. Service Learning (merging student engagement with the acquisition of factual knowledge)