• Summer School

    • Social Structure Summer School, 2012
      The International Summer School focused on how sociality and network structure influence the evolution of cooperative behavior in humans and other animals. The workshop integrated observational, experimental and theoretical methods.
      More information can be found here.

  • PhD Students

    • PhD study program “Behavior and Cognition”
      The focus of this study program is on the foundations and the evolution of nonhuman and human primate behavior. Research projects are undertaken in the fields of psychology, anthropology and evolutionary biology, with an emphasis on comparative approaches. Core areas are the evolution of social behavior, group behavior and group coordination, developmental psychology, as well as the cognitive and physiological foundations of behavior.
      More information can be found here.
    • Information on funding possibilities for Doctoral Studies at the University of Göttingen here.

  • Master and Bachelor theses

    • We offer various topics on the evolution of cooperation for a Bachelor, Master, or Diploma Thesis. In most cases these topics are related to current research projects of our group, but individual topics are also possible.
      Please contact us for further information by email or telephone.

      • Prior and current theses:

        • Vivica Rieß v. Scheurnschloß (MSc, current)
          Leadership in a coordination computer game: Influence of minorities with different directional preferences on common group behavior
        • Xaver Franiel (MSc, current)
          Default and reputation: two factors influencing human cooperative behavior
        • Till Plotzki (Diploma, 2012)
          Effects of observation on human cooperative behaviour
        • Corinna Jürgens (MSc, 2011)
          Kooperation und Persönlichkeit: Eine experimentelle Studie über den Zusammenhang von den Big Five Persönlichkeitsfaktoren und dem Verhalten bei dem Gefangenendilemma
        • Xaver Franiel (BA, 2011)
          Enhancing human cooperation with two different types of governmental punishment
        • Jan-Niklas Runge (BA, 2011)
          Effects of probability-based punishment of uncooperative behavior in public goods games
        • Christine Wittge (BA, 2010)
          Effekte von indirekter Observation und subtiler sozialer Signale auf menschliches Kooperationsverhalten
        • Frederic Nowak (BA, 2009)
          Governing cooperative human behaviour - Institutionalization of punishment

    • Research Internships/Practicals

      • We also offer research internships to interested students. Stays will be individually planed. Internships will have emphases on getting to know the everyday life of a scientist, to work experimentally, and to participate in current research projects. Please contact us for further information.

        • Zhengyang He (Drexel University, USA, three-month internship funded by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, July-Sep. 2013)
        • Carmen Lok (University of Michigan, USA, three-month internship funded by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, July-Oct. 2012)
        • Markus Kösler (University of Bayreuth; seven-week internship, Spring 2012)
        • Laetitia Scholtka (Institute of Psychology, University of Göttingen, six-week internship, Aug.-Oct. 2011)