The Agroecology Team

PhD students

Felix Klaus
Grid-based predictions of biodiversity and ecosystem services at different spatial scales

Carolina Ocampo-Ariza
Pest control services offered by vertebrates and invertebrates in native cacao plantations of Peru

Julia Rosa
Costs and benefits of the diversification of farming systems

Annemarie Wurz
Biodiversity and ecosystem services of agro-ecologically optimized cultivation

Guest scientists

Anjaharinony Andry Ny Aina Rakotomalala

Estelle Raveloaritiana

Dr. Bea Maas

Dr. Thomas Cherico Wanger

Julia Piko

Andreas Wiedenmann

Journal: Basic and Applied Ecology

Prof. Klaus Hoevemeyer
Managing Editor

BSc and MSc students

Students' room phone: +49 (0)551 / 39-33731

Sophie Heumann
Effects of strip intercropping on pest predation success

Louise Rinck
Effects of strip intercropping on the damage and parasitism of rape pollen beetles

Maximilian Pink
Effects of strip intercropping on insect diversity

Dominik Thomas Nolte
Effects of strip intercropping on cereal aphids and their predators

Adelina Weißmann
Effects of strip intercropping on pollinator communities

Denise Bertleff
Predation pressure in cacao agroforestry

Katrin Hübner
Effects of habitat isolation on ground-nesting bee communities in agricultural landscapes

Sophie Müller
Insect diversity on grafted fine and flavour cacao trees

Selma Heitmüller
Einfluss von Standortfaktoren auf die Einführung von Diversifizierungsmaßnahmen


Former scientist and students