The Agroecology Team


PD Dr. Péter Batáry
Effectiveness of agri-environmental schemes in conserving biodiversity in relation to landscape complexity
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Dr. Kevin Darras
Diversity, functions and services of birds and bats in Sumatra, Indonesia
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Dr. Yvonne Fabian
Food webs, biodiversity, pollination and natural pest control in human modified landscapes
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Dr. Ingo Grass
Pollination, biological control and biodiversity in a landscape context
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PD Dr. Catrin Westphal
Effects of land use changes on biodiversity and ecosystem services; Pollination ecology
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PhD students

Svenja Bänsch
Effects of floral resources on crop pollination services: Facilitation or competition?

Nicole Beyer
The effect of diversified crop rotations with field beans (Vicia faba) and peas (Pisum sativum) on the diversity of pollinators and pollination services

Lisa Brünjes
Ecologically sustainable increase and stabilization of the grain yield of faba bean by pollination analysis and study of pollinator insects

Anoush Miriam Ficiciyan
Commons-based seed varieties and mixtures in sustainable crop production

Annika Haß
Landscape scale farmland heterogeneity and pollination services

Felix Klaus
Grid-based predictions of biodiversity and ecosystem services at different spatial scales

Kevin Li
Pollination function and service in a rainforest transformation landscape in Sumatra, Indonesia

Felipe Libran
Biodiversity patterns and processes across landscapes differing in local habitat composition and configuration

Josephine Kulow
Analysis of biodiversity promoting combined measures on wild bees and pollination service in different agricultural landscapes in Germany

Julia Rosa
Costs and benefits of the diversification of farming systems

Manuel Toledo-Hernández
Cocoa pollination as a potential yield driver under changing management and climate

Emmeline Topp
A biodiversity hotspot faces intensification of viticulture: The role of renosterveld remnants for the conservation of butterflies.
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Christine Venjakob
Spatio-temporal plant-pollinator interactions and floral nectar quality in a plant diversity experiment
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Arne Wenzel
Agricultural biodiversity and associated services across rural-urban landscapes

Annemarie Wurz
Biodiversity and ecosystem services of agro-ecologically optimized cultivation

Guest scientists

Dr. Bea Maas

Dr. Thomas Cherico Wanger

Technical assistants

Susanne Jahn
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Brigitte Jünemann
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IT Group

Thomas Oesterreich
Siegfried Opolka
Marco Seipke

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Managing Editor

Prof. Klaus Hoevemeyer
Managing Editor (Journal: Basic and Applied Ecology)

BSc and MSc students

Students' room phone: +49 (0)551 / 39-33731

Rebekka Blessenohl
Impacts of weeding and fertilization management on insect diversity in oil palm plantations

Julia Falk
Bird communities of urban vegetable farming systems of Tamale, Ghana

Penelope Cecilia Fialas
Effects of organic management and landscape complexity on bat diversity in Cyprus

Franziska Gerling
Effects of spatial heterogeneity on floral diversity in agricultural landscapes

Volker Herfert
Effects of abandonment of calcareous grasslands on ground beetle diversity ? carabids as bioindicators for habitat evaluation

Karl-Friedrich Könecke
Effects of landscape composition and flowering phenology on resource use of honeybees

Laura Meinecke
Social survey on human-wildlife conflicts in the Hyrcanian forest, Iran

Johanna Reger
Species-specific foraging behaviour of bumblebees and consequences for faba bean pollination

Jakob Rosenthal
Effects of agricultural management types and landscape structure on farmland arthropod diversity

Sonja Schröck
Impacts of land use on native pollinator diversity and survival in Sumatra, Indonesia

Juliane Seidel
Die ökologische Bedeutung von Krautsaumen in rekultivierten Bergbaufolgelandschaften für die Tagfalterfauna Sachsens

Jonathan Tien-Yi Fung
Oil palm and ecosystem services from native pollinators in Sumatra, Indonesia

Sandra Schweiger
Effects of flowering crops on resource utilisation and colony growth of bumblebees

Julia Wellinghoff
Blühstreifen zur Förderung der Bestäuber von Eiweißpflanzen