PhD students' representative 2020/2021

Timo Albrecht:

Hello everyone,

I am Timo. Since April 2019 I have been doing my PhD studies at the chair of History of German Law and Civil Law under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Eva Schumann. My dissertation topic is a law historical inquiry of nationality laws (i.e. the “Sonderrechtsregime” concerning national minorities) during the Nazi period. Previously, I studied Law in Göttingen, Aarhus and Geneva.

I have been the spokesperson of PhD students at the Faculty of Law since 2019. Thus I already could gather some experience in representing PhD students’ interests. This also explains my running for PhD students’ representative here at GGG – not only as it has been a few years ago since a member of the Faculty of Law was part of the GGG PhD students’ representation. During the past year I received valuable suggestions (especially from fellow PhD students in my faculty) to make the GGG courses even more attractive by more specific offers. Furthermore, I think that not only evaluation of GGG courses could be improved, but there should be regular surveys across all faculties to determine current needs before the course program is composed. The previous attendance of the GGG course program fluctuated quite a bit concerning individual departments and faculties. That’s why I would like to harmonize and stabilize this with the optimized, tailored offers for a high level of participation across all faculties and departments.

Furthermore, as member of the GGG board I would like to increase interdisciplinary cooperation between the faculties and departments under the roof of GGG. Also, I would like to encourage better cooperation with e.g. the GSGG (Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen), as well as with graduated GGG-Alumni, in offering further events on interdisciplinary topics and methodological issues. Finally, I also consider further networking possibilities useful, e.g. an informal regular round table ("Stammtisch"), which could be of particular interest to new PhD students coming to Göttingen.

Last but not least I would like to be your contact person for all concerns and suggestions regarding GGG that you as fellow PhD students from all faculties might have, so that I can take them directly into the GGG board.

Therefore, I would be very glad about each of your supportive votes!

Yours, Timo