The GGG's concept of diversity orientation for the supervision of doctoral students is forward-looking and innovative in several respects:

  • It concretises the university's diversity strategy for the supervision of doctoral researchers and presents the concrete diversity-related activities, especially in the areas of qualification, promotion and counselling.
  • It does not replace the existing offers of the GGG, but brings together existing target group-specific measures of the GGG on gender equality and family friendliness, on the integration of international doctoral candidates as well as on the support of doctoral candidates from non-academic families with cross-target group measures in an intersectional way.
  • It further develops the GGG structurally and in terms of content by anchoring diversity as a cross-cutting issue in the supervision of doctoral researchers.
  • The discussion to date and future development of the concept systematises the GGG's collaborations through the exchange of expertise, the joint discussion on diversity-oriented organisational development and the coordination of measures to better accompany doctoral researchers and avoid duplicate structures.
  • It sensitises doctoral researchers, employees and managers to diversity as a positively valued normal case.
  • It contributes to the continuous reflection and development process at the university, whose organisational culture is based on the appreciation of diversity.